Example for TTH-Math-Olympiad


Time allowed – 30 minutes

  1. Kirsty’s school locker has a two-digit number on it. The sum of the two digits is 10 and their difference is 2.If the locker number is less than 50, what number is it?
  2. When Louise put 25 golf balls in her bag, it was 1/2 full. When Matt put 17 golf balls in his bag, it was 1/3 full. When Nick put 12 golf balls in his bag, it was 1/4 full.Who had the largest bag?Matches image
  3. The pictures on the right show how matches can be used to make triangular shapes that have one, two and three matches along a side.How many matches are needed to make a triangular shape of the same pattern, which has 6 matches along one side?
  4. One rectangular wall of Bob’s house contains a door and a window. Bob wants to paint this wall, but not the door (nor the window!). The wall is 7 m by 3 m, the door is 2 m by 1 m, and the window is 2 m by 1.5 m. If each can of paint covers 4 sq m, how many cans should Bob buy for one coat of paint?House image
  5. Tina’s house and her school are on the corners of square blocks as shown. The shortest distance from her house to the school is along the sides of 5 blocks. Two such paths are shown.How many different paths are there of this length from Tina’s house to her school (including the two paths shown)?

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