GEP G7: Gifted Education Programme (7) Lesson Contents: Chương trình bồi dưỡng Toán 7

Pre-algebra (7) Lesson Contents

Guide to Strands

L Sets, Logic, and Probability
A Arithmetic
F Fractions and Decimals
M Measurement, Graphs, and Equations
G Geometry
Strand Concept
7.0 A Common Factor
F Comparing Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
More Adding and Subtracting Fractions
More Comparing Decimals and Fractions
Comparing Decimals
Comparing Sets of Deciamls and Fractions
Subtracting Decimals in Column Form
Adding and Subtracting Decimals
More Decimal Places and Multiplying Decimals
G More Shape and Size
Naming Three-Dimensional Figures
M More Solving Equations by Graphing
Solving Equations without Graphing
More Solving Equations without Graphing
7.1 A More Integral Multiples
F Multiplying Decimals by Multiples of 10
Multiplying Decimals
Word Problems
More Word Problems
More Dividing Decimals
Square Roots
Finding Square Roots
Operations with Square Roots
Solving Equations with Natural Numbers, Integers, and Real Numbers
G More Circles and Regular Polygons
Similar Figures
L More Factorials
M More Graphing Pairs of Inequalities
Determining Acute, Right, or Obtuse Angles
More Error and Relative Error
Relative Error

7.2 A Number Systems
Square Roots
More Rational Numbers
More Absolute Value
More Ordering the Rational Numbers
More on the Distributive Laws
Multiplicative Inverse
G Pythagorean Theorem
Similar Rectangles
L More Factorials
M More Mean
Median and Mode
More Mean, Median, and Mode
7.3 A More Positive Integral Exponents
F Ratios in Lowest Terms
More Equal Ratios
Comparing Ratios
More Proportions
Ratio Word Problems
Percent and Ratio
Expressing Ratios as Percents
G More Similarity
More on the Angle Test
Similar Triangles
M Rounding to Nearest Hundredth
Rounding a Product to Nearest Tenth
More Conversion Between Systems of Measurement
More Conversion Between Systems of Measurement
Converting and Comparing Systems of Measurement
Pounds to Kilograms
Measurement Conversion Word Problems
7.4 F Comparing Percents and Fractions
More Ratios
Percent and Ratio
More on Percent and Ratio
Percent and Ratio
G More Applications
More Triangles
L Multiplying Factorials
M Estimating from Averages
Truth Sets
More on Equations and English Sentences
More Equivalent Sentences
7.5 A More Scientific Notation
More Scientific Notation
F Finding Pecentages
Percent and Ratio
n is x Percent of What Number?
Using Ratios
More Using Ratios
Application of Ratios
G More Triangles
More Tangent of an Angle
M More Multiplicative Property of Equality
Solving Equations
7.6 A More Scientific Notation
F More Applications of Percent
Word Problems
More Percents as Decimals
More Order and Density
More Percents
G More Trigonometric Ratios
L More Dividing Factorials
M Equivalent Inequalities
Multiplicative Property of Inequalities
More Graphing on a Number Line
7.7 A Multiplication and Scientific Notation
Computations and Scientific Notation
F Terminating Decimals
Repeating Decimals
Subtracting Powers of Ten
Expressing Equations as Fraction
More Fractions from Repeating Decimals
Terminating Decimals Equal to Repeating Decimals
Repeating Decimals Equal to Terminating Decimals
Comparing Terminating and Repeating Decimals
Converting Repeating Decimals to Fractions
Comparing Irrational Numbers
Real Numbers
Graphing Irrational Numbers
G More Volume of a Sphere
L More Dividing Factorials
M More Graphing on a Coordinate Plane
More Cartesian Product of Sets
More Graphing Solutions of Equations
More Functions
7.8 A Division and Scientific Notation
F Area and Square Roots
More Approximating Square Roots
More Averaging Method
More Comparing Ratios
Expressing Ratios as Percents
G Area of a Sector
Volume of a Cone
L More Combinations
M Linear Functions
Increasing, Decreasing, and Constant Functions
Intersection of Function and X-axis
More Applications
More Graphing Solutions of Inequalities
F Word Problems
More Percentage from Ratio of Two Numbers
Word Problems
More Direct Variation
More Inverse Variation
M Solving Equations by Substitution
More Solving Systems of Equations by Addition
Solving Equations
More Solving Systems of Equations by Multiplication

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